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Put the Hooker Down, White Boy!
By Wilbert Smith and Josh Coutts

If you’ve ever wondered about Las Vegas‘s little secrets with a healthy dose of laughs, this is the book for you!  
Wilbert Smith and Josh Coutts met while Josh was working the door at a colorful downtown Las Vegas bar. Wilbert came in as a patron, and the events that unfolded there over several years led to the book you are holding in your hands.  Wilbert works as a stagehand here in Las Vegas, and takes part in many activities on the fringes of society. Josh, aside from working in several venues as security, and moving on to his current position at a Henderson casino, has been a promoter for punk, ska and rockabilly events in the Las Vegas area.  The authors would also like to extend their thanks to the Balloon Master for his generous contribution to make this book happen.