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110 Miles Behind the Lines: Book One
By Robert Marabito

110 Miles Behind The Lines is a novel about Uncle Sam's barracks life, the field life, the “grunt” life, the Cold War life, not to forget that “off-post” life. Call it the Fraulein hustle. It was all done while American soldiers of the Berlin Brigade faced the Berlin Wall, the ghosts of National Socialism lingering. You can read about it here in 110 Miles Behind The Lines.
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110 Miles Behind the Lines: Book Two
By Robert Marabito

They're back, the soldiers of the Berlin Brigade, 592nd Signal Company. Again they're grunting and rough-n-tumbling. It's the barracks life, field life and off-training training. Sweat and laugh is the name of the Cold War game. There are 'Alerts!' but no wars. "Company! Attention! Forwaaard! March!" But not quite the march.

In the background, the ghosts of the NS past play a role only they don't jitterbug. Soldiers do. Off duty. They are part of the West Berlin night life that hums, the cafe life that bounces. There is a love story, a frat house story but no hell week. In the end the whistle blows and the duty train pulls away to Marlene Dietrich's farewell song, Auf wiedersehen mein Schatz. 'Good By My Love.' It's rotation time.
The year, 1965. Vietnam is heating up. Farewell West Berlin!"
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