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Brad Garvin

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With the Voice of Angels
Brad Garvin
ISBN: 978-1935188070
Murder Mystery
472 pages/ $24.99 USD
When a dedicated patron saves the Chicago Grande Opera after a devastating fire and artistic malfeasance, the world's great young tenor, Enzo Santi, with his vocal and operatic talents, sets the opera world ablaze in Puccini's masterpiece Tosca. But after the glorious opening night, Enzo is sole witness to a murder in the bowels of the opera house. Who could have committed such an act? Why would this murder occur in the opera house, and why now is the killer after Enzo?
When it becomes clear that Enzo's life is in danger, he calls his friend, private detective Demetrius McDiess, to aid in the investigation. But the tenor realizes his life, while once at the heights of musical triumph, is descending quickly into utter despair.
Join Enzo and Demetrius as they seek to solve the horrific events taking place at the Chicago Grande Opera, before this operatic tragedy becomes each man's personal nightmare.


Brad Garvin has been a successful opera singer for the last 20 years, performing in such places as Houston, Chicago, Kansas City, Bregenz, Austria, and Palm Beach, but most notably, he has been a soloist with the Metropolitan Opera of New York City for the past seventeen years.  While having also been a writer for many years, With the Voice of Angels is Mr Garvin's first published book.


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